CNC Router & Streibig Panel Cutting

Biesse CNC Router
Our modern Biesse CNC Router allows us to cut any shape or size panel, and a wide variety of materials. From 3D letters for signage, large-scale exterior signage to architectural screens and cladding. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router machine is controlled with extreme precision through the use of a computer and a Computer-Assisted
Design program (CAD).

Streibig Panel Saw
Our state of the art Striebig Vertical Panel Saw allows us to cut your sheeting to the size you require. It is designed to cut various materials including: Acrylic, Foam PVC, ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel), Polycarbonate, MDF, HDPE and moreā€¦ we supply a variety of substrates or BYO materials for cutting.
Panel cuts from $12.50+gst minimum charge $20+gst